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Learn more about Toronto-based Dominatrix Mistress Violet Mays

Violet Mays


Learn more about Toronto-based Dominatrix Mistress Violet Mays

Violet Mays


Who is Mistress Violet Mays?

She is beautiful and ethereal and likes to observe people. She is detail-oriented and seeks a balance between assertiveness and adaptability. She is curious about the world, and she’s interested in knowing about your deep erotic secrets. Mistress Violet is first and foremost an intelligent, sensual dominant.

I am Mistress Violet, let me be your guide. 

I am a mysterious soul, and ritual and performance are important facets of my life. I am a seeker, and I believe that those who seek are well suited to guiding others. You may wish to know that I am invested in emotional, physical and psychological safety. Boundaries are an integral part of becoming attuned to one’s desires and needs, they allow us to go deeper because we know we are in safe hands. Within our sessions I know how to balance conscious connection with quality touch, and I will do so with grace, humour and creativity. To put things simply, I enjoy administering pain, diving into a chosen fantasy role, and whispering dark secrets into your ear.

As a sensual dominant, I believe in the path of desire, a path which readily confuses the fields of pleasure and pain. This confusion can often leave us feeling bewildered and ashamed, but the journey towards the meeting place of pleasure and pain has, in my experience, ultimately rewarded me with more confidence and more control over how I want and need to be pleasured. It can for you too.

As a male submissive you may feel additional shame living out your desires in a world that privileges male dominance. I assure you that in my domain, men who seek submission and worship of the feminine are not only highly regarded, but expected and rewarded.

What is sensual domination? 

Sensual domination uses the toys and techniques of BDSM for the purpose of cultivating an intense engagement of all the senses. It is considered an erotic art that mixes pleasure and pain without sacrificing the intimacy and care involved when two people connect. It can be used for self-discovery, to experience new and intense pleasures, to safely explore your submissive side – the side that yearns to surrender to the desires and demands of a powerful goddess, the side that loves to experience pain when administered slowly and with care.

My sessions can range from slow and gentle, to incredibly sadistic, but your well-being is always my concern. I embrace laughter in my play and seek to align with intelligent, articulate types as well as those whose innate curiosity has brought them to explore the darker aspects of sexuality and psychology. This doesn’t mean that you have to have it all figured out, but only know that I ask for relationships with my clients that foreground mutual respect for the oppositional roles of dominant and submissive.


I believe that finding balance within contradictions brings us closer to understanding the dualistic nature of the human experience. Most of us live our lives feeling unsure or guilty about what we want; we can never fully commit to one thing, or we simply don’t know what we are looking for. Sadomasochism is profoundly energetic in this regard. As an exploration of desire par excellence, it can become a tool for discovering what we really want. When practised consciously and with awareness, it can bring us into the present moment with great force. I value it because of its' capacity to create moments that give both intense physical satisfaction and deep spiritual immanence. .

I look forward to meeting you.

I want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body... and I pace around hungry, sniffing the twilight, hunting for you, for your hot heart, like a puma in the barrens of Quitratue.
— Pablo Neruda
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Find out about rates for sessions with Mistress Violet Mays

Meet me in the liminal space

Find out about rates for sessions with Mistress Violet Mays

Meet me in the liminal space


90 mins                                                    $525

Two hours                                                  $700  

Each additional hour                                + $300

Play session + dinner date $1200 (4-6hrs)

Slave, uninterrupted (12 hours)                $2500

My undivided attention                            $10K / month


*NEW clients are required to provide one of the following: a reference from another independent provider with an active website, a $100 deposit via e-transfer or PayPal, or verifiable ID such as LinkedIn profile or drivers license. No exceptions.

Provide the tribute in an envelope or gift bag at the beginning of your session; cash, cheques, and e-transfers are accepted. Rates include HST, and an invoice is available upon request. 

See Packages for rates and details for sessions with additional providers. 

Committed service 

Looking to make a deeper investment in your desire for and exploration of submission? You may find that longer sessions, or a committed, long-term relationship suits the Femme Domme/male submissive dynamic very well. If you yearn to be owned and to submit to one Mistress at this point in your life, I can artfully and intelligently curate a personalized but realistic, monthly lifestyle experience that suits our mutual kinks.  

I have high expectations 

First and foremost good hygiene and good manners, punctuality, timely and clear communication, 24hr advance notice in the event of rescheduling or cancellations.

There is a shower available for your use before and after our session. Please refrain from using heavy perfumes and be conscious that a minty-smelling mouth will get you in my good books.

I am a highly organized and creative individual, deeply committed to acts of consensual perversion. Arrive with an open, questioning and reflective mind, and you will receive the best from Me.

There is an invisible strength within us; when it recognizes two opposing objects of desire, it grows stronger.
— Rumi

If you are interested in buying a gift for Mistress Violet Mays you can look at her list here

For Me, the hunt is an aesthetic expression

If you are interested in buying a gift for Mistress Violet Mays you can look at her list here

For Me, the hunt is an aesthetic expression


Spoil Me through My wish list

If you are the kind of submissive gentleman who aims to please, gifts and gift certificates are some ways in which you can show(er) your admiration. You may also discover that shopping for a gift for me is a form of spending time with me; thinking about what I might like or giving me something that I will use often is a beautiful way of continuing our relationship. I in turn will think of you when I use your gift.

In addition to my wishlist, I adore lingerie and body suits from Agent Provocateur, Simone Perele, and La Perla. I wear bra size 32D, size small panties (I like briefs or high waisted panties, I don’t wear thongs or hip huggers). Oh and I will absolutely wear your gift if you show up to a session with a naughty set.

Dress size: small

Shoe size: 7

Adore Me with a gift certificate

Equip: Northbound LeatherFetters, Church of Sinvention, The Stockroom  

Pamper: Hammam Spa, The Ten Spot 

Spoil: SephoraHudson's Bay, NordstromLCBO 

Monthly Devotion

Acts of devotion take many forms. One of which is to acknowledge and claim one of the monthly expenses that it takes to be a Dominant Woman. Here, you can show your support in an ongoing way, recognizing that one of your duties is to make my life easier. Contact me privately if you wish to support me on a monthly-basis, such as paying for beauty treatments, personal trainer, or clothing allowance. 

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