First time / Introductory session (1.5hr)    $450*

One hour                                                    $350

Two hours                                                  $700  

Each additional hour                                + $300

Slave, uninterrupted (12 hours)                $2500

My undivided attention                            $10K / month


*New clients are required to provide either a reference from another independent erotic provider, or a $100 deposit via e-transfer or PayPal. 

Provide the tribute in an envelope or gift bag at the beginning of your session; cash, cheques, and e-transfers are accepted. Rates include HST, and an invoice is available upon request. 

See Packages for rates and details for sessions with additional providers. 

Committed service 

Looking to make a deeper investment in your desire for and exploration of submission? You may find that longer sessions, or a committed, long-term relationship suits the Femme Domme/male submissive dynamic very well. If you yearn to be owned and to submit to one Mistress at this point in your life, I can artfully and intelligently curate a personalized but realistic, monthly lifestyle experience that suits our mutual kinks.  

I have high expectations 

First and foremost good hygiene and good manners, punctuality, timely and clear communication, 24hr advance notice in the event of rescheduling or cancellations.

There is a shower available for your use before and after our session. Please refrain from using heavy perfumes and be conscious that a minty-smelling mouth will get you in my good books.

I am a highly organized and creative individual, deeply committed to acts of consensual perversion. Arrive with an open, questioning and reflective mind, and you will receive the best from Me. 


Sessions / Packages

There is an invisible strength within us; when it recognizes two opposing objects of desire, it grows stronger.
— Rumi