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Find out about medical sessions with Mistress Violet Mays

The Doctor will see you now


Find out about medical sessions with Mistress Violet Mays

The Doctor will see you now

Welcome to my favourite corner of the world of kink: medical fetish play

I love the nurturing and calm environment that a visit to the doctor promises - a safe space to talk about your fears and discuss your problems. A space where you undress and are examined, head to toe. From listening to your heart beat to taking your pulse to testing your reflexes, my penetrating gaze is felt at all times. I love the mise-en-scene of the clinic, the objectivity of the doctor's opinion, the belief in finding cures and "making you better." It's this nurturing attitude, coupled with the invasive nature of the implements that renders the patient totally vulnerable. And it's with rigour and intensity that I investigate this site of psychological and physiological vulnerability.

To help you decide on the kind of session / mood you're looking for, I've been developing and evolving certain medical personas that have spoken to me over the course of my sessions. Stay tuned for further developments on them! 

1. When the Doctor's away, Nurse Mays will play (a classic, naughty fantasy)

2. Your health is dire, and you need to be operated on immediately. Dr. Violet Mays, Deconstructive Surgeon, is here to help

3. Butcher / Seamstress, always on the cutting edge of things 

4. Dr. Violet "the Wand" Mays, Electro-physiologist Specializing in what's current

What I offer:

  • medical role play
  • full body examinations
  • sounding
  • gags + blindfolds
  • enemas, including piss enemas
  • ErosTek (multiple attachments)
  • violet wand
  • depilation: razors + straight razors
  • anal play: plugs, speculums, fisting
  • CBT and NT
  • play piercing for beginners, advanced play piercing 
  • blood play, blood letting, cutting
  • straps, restraints, straitjacket 
  • medical hoods and head gear
  • saline infusions, saline injections
  • catheters
  • medical stapling
  • suturing
  • medicinal leech therapy (inquire for details) 
  • simulated castration

I also offer medical duo sessions with Mistress Isobel Herself - we make a wicked team. Cure not guaranteed. 

The video is 12mins long. Due to the artistic nature of the video and to capture its full effect, it’s highly recommended to watch in a darkened room wearing headphones. Trust me, there’s no need to rush this. Video by Mano Krach.


Gender Miss Assignment Clinic

Gender Miss Assignment Clinic

Gender Miss Assignment Clinic

Gender Miss Assignment Clinic


Welcome to Dr. Violet Mays’ Gender Miss Assignment Clinic

Did you wake up this morning feeling more feminine than usual, but pretty sure that you’d like to retire for the evening as a socially unassuming male? Is your inner sissy slut burning to be released, fully yet temporarily? Are you looking for something more perverse, more unusual, and more clinical than a typical sissy play session? Are you a medical fetishist seeking something different, twisted?

Then you’ve come to the right place…

Dr. Violet Mays’ Gender Miss Assignment Clinic offers the fantasy of clinical gender re-assignment in a holistic setting. The clinic promises complete transformation, inside and out, followed by a (non)alcoholic cocktail and a cock up your pussy hole.

Read on for details!

Procedure length 3 - 4hrs / Tribute $1000 / Photography is optional



This is your chance to tell me all about those childhood leanings and yearnings to wear your mother’s lingerie, steal your sister’s lace panties, or the times you “fantasized” about blowing your high school’s football team.

We might discuss pertinent societal practices such as slut shaming, lipstick blow jobs, gang bangs, or any number of feminist issues.

I’ll explain each step of the procedure, expectations for your impending but brief foray into womanhood, we’ll discuss the most inappropriate sizing for your breast implants, and you’ll sign the necessary consent forms.


the clinic

Clinical procedures focus on developing your breasts to the desired size through saline breast enhancement, and then making sure that pesky penis disappears via “nip and tuck” (stapling, suturing).

Previous participants have expressed that the experience of seeing bouncing breasts then looking down and not seeing any male genitalia produces a euphoric feeling of feminine divinity.

Pain wussy’s take note, surgical stapling is a simple and superficial procedure that leans more towards psychological play than pain play. Easy to remove too! Suturing is for seasoned masochists only.


sissy boudoir

No transformation is complete without the addition of wigs, stockings, high heels, make-up and lingerie, which all happens post-surgery inside the magical space of the Sissy Boudoir.

Refreshments (tea or cocktails) are served at this time.

All dressed up and need to get fucked? This final stage involves dildo sucking, deep throat training and strap-on play. If you would like a Bull in attendance, add $200.