I arrived late one night at Lazy Azelle’s studio, ready to rock her puppyslut’s hole with some of the biggest of cocks on the market. I was told ahead of time that he’s “quite shy” (cute) and that she would be warming him up when I arrived.

I entered to the sight of Lady Azelle wearing a pretty decent sized strap, her puppyslut bent over, belly pressed against a red leather horse, his asshole facing the door. A great introduction if there ever was one. He had taken the time to go out and purchase me my own Vac-U-lock compatible strap just for the occasion, and there were four dildos laid out in increasing size (the smallest was about as wide as my forearm). Fuck yes.

I got myself a glass of water and sat down to relax and watch her puppyslut perform. He was rammed hard until that horse was shaking, she then undid him and put him on the floor while she pounded into him from behind, and over and over again I watched him shudder and shake as his body convulsed with one orgasm after another. That’s right, puppyslut is a multi-orgasmic ass-hungry creature.

Once the ice was broken I stepped into my strap and picked the second largest dildo. Azelle lubed me up then got to sit back and watch as I started to toy and tease with Her property. I teased his hole, sliding the tip in and out, holding his cheeks far apart, then shoving the shaft deep into his rectum. An unmatched hunger met my hips as he screamed out, begging for more, pushing back into my cock, bucking and shaking. He convulsed again.

What ensued was almost two hours non-stop of messy, delicious, multi-position, multi-orgasmic ass-fucking with a lot of laughter and a whole lot of lube.

The first time I ever sent anyone a Valentine’s card, I wrote out the lyrics to Prince's song Insatiable from The NPG album. I had to look up the word in a dictionary, and when I discovered it’s meaning, there was no turning back. That word was me, and I was that word. It was like a light turning on. I might even say that it was the beginning.

Turn the lights off

Strike a candle

No one that I've ever

Knows how to handle

My body

The way you truly do

Insatiable's my name, when it comes to you