We arrived in the early afternoon one late spring day. Dragging our small suitcases out of the train station, we followed the little blue dot on my Google maps app across cobblestone streets until we found the darling little cafe where we were to pick up our keys. We were a few hours early, which meant that we were able to drop off our bags and go for a stroll. We threaded our way through small streets, wandered into vintage clothing shops and a run down gay sex store, passed by the sleeping red light district, before arriving at the river’s edge, which we followed to the Grokt market. We stopped at a cafe for a glass of chilled white wine (me) and a sweet treat (him), our excitement bubbling over. The newness of our surroundings, the months of planning come to fruition, and the sessions booked with Mistress Jill, made us both feel so excited. We’ve known each other for 5+ years and this was our third trip to Europe together, yet there is still so much trust and care put into each step of the planning. It’s something we both know to cherish.

Map of Antwerp, 1898

Map of Antwerp, 1898

Our apartment overlooked a small square peppered with vintage fashion stores, cute restaurants with patios overlapping each other, people drinking from heavy beer glasses and waving cigarettes in their hands. We stacked our bags into a corner and opened all the windows and french doors, letting in the noises of the square along with fresh air and a breeze that made the gauze curtains billow. After a hot shower, I lowered my body onto the soft, clean-smelling bed while my boy curled up on the small pull-out couch. Sleep drowned us both until it was time for dinner.

That evening we ate at Kommilfoo, where we experienced a divine tasting menu followed by a seemingly endless procession of desserts that kept coming well after the bill had been paid. It was absolute perfection.

For our first full day in Antwerp we visited the MAS Museum, followed by a healthy and delicious lunch then a stop at Antwerp’s Mister B, where we picked up some evil gags and CBT toys. My boy is always highly nervous before a session, so the distractions were welcome.

Our first session was a medical session with Dr. Jill in her medical clinic. We arrived a few minutes early and found a bench in a park to sit quietly, as we waited for the final minutes to pass. A sweet moment passed between us as we could see the irony in Me being on the submissive’s side of things, his nerves palpably felt. Meeting Jill was the main purpose in choosing Belgium as our FemDom vacation destination. My boy knew that I was in awe of her exquisite work that she’s shared on her Twitter feed, and he badly wanted to be the person to enable a meeting between us. In person she is really amazing, so lovely, warm, and openhearted, with a big smile and that wonderful glint in her eye that both seduces and corrupts. I loved her from the moment I first met her - we both did! My boy was nervous but as he watched us sit and chat, his heart calmed and he was ready for his doctor’s appointment.

That night we ate at a classic Flemmish restaurant, De Godevaart, where the service was excellent and we received quite a bit of attention from the waiters and chef! Of note were the unforgettable french fries and a beautiful chocolate mousse for desert. Afterwards, we wandered through dimly lit, cobblestone streets filled with the beginnings of night revelers. I caught sight of a trendy bar with reclaimed metal tractor seats for bar stools. As My boy still had two sutures interlaced through his foreskin, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect torture than to make him spread his legs over the stool as I sipped on my cocktail.

The following morning we took a train to the coast and spent the next four days exploring the North Sea and having a delightful FemDom adventure en plein air. Our residence was in a laid back beach town; in between kinky playtime and domestic servitude, we rode bicycles along sand dunes, ate mussels with Chamay on the beach, and took a day trip to see the medieval architecture of Brugges. We also discovered that high end dining follows you everywhere in Belgium, and we were able to enjoy tasting menus and beautiful wines even in the quietest of beach towns.

A few days later we hopped on a train back to Antwerp for our second session with Mistress Jill this time in her dungeon.

We stayed in slightly more modern part of the city, in an architect’s loft, with a balcony looking out onto green roofs and orange trees, where cats sauntered and splayed their furry bodies in the sun. We had hit a nice rhythm and his service came so naturally now - from running my bath, brushing my hair, bringing me a glass of wine, foot worship, preparing breakfast and tea sessions - the dynamic was developing in a way that felt fluid and elevated. Time had been on our side.

Our second session was in the dungeon, that deep red place of worship and pain that so many of us have seen only from Jill’s twitter posts. It was exciting and hot to be in that space, in her element. She is a natural teacher, pointing things out, showing me things, giving me space to explore the dynamic. I can’t be the only one who wishes I lived closer to Antwerp! My boy was nervous but knew that he had to be brave to endure everything that followed. He so badly wanted Me to be proud of him, and I was, I am.

The next day, we boarded a train to Amsterdam for our last night before the end of the FemDom vacation. It’s a city that I’m fairly familiar with, so once we got our bearings, we dropped off our bags and headed to the touristic areas to seek out Mister B and DeMask for some more kinky shopping.

Our last night was spent sitting on a tiny patio rooftop surrounded by green plants in the middle of the city center, having a beer and eating cheese. It was time to decompress, and to begin the mental journey back to our non-kink lives.