2pm arrive at the farm house and unpack. Put tea and a healthy salad on the patio table and wait for Her to sit down.

3pm clean up, change clothes, put Her bag into the car and drive together to the forest.

3:20pm carry Her bag, walk behind Her, traipsing through undergrowth, through the pine trees, along a rough access trail, back into the pine forest. Make a clearing. Remove shirt and kneel in front of Her until you receive instructions.

5pm return to the farmhouse. Make tea and carry it for her as you wander through the property, in relaxed mode.

6pm wait in the drawing room, ready to grant Her wishes and follow Her directions.

6:45pm in sissified form, prepare dinner as She reads. Lay the table, serve the courses, pour champagne. Eat after She eats. Drink after She drinks. Clear the table and clean the dishes. Inform Her when you are done.

8pm go upstairs to wait, listen attentively as She climbs the stairs with her toy bag and imagination full of perversions. Submit without hesitation to Her desires.

10pm wait for Her to end Her shower. Place a mug of steaming herbal tea beside Her bed, provide an oral dissertation on the artist who’s book she is examining. Brush Her hair for a very long time, until She dismisses you.

8am knock gently and enter Her room with tea, just the way She likes it. Leave.

9am wait at the end of your bed, naked, hands above your head. Listen for Her to enter. Breathe quietly as She describes each thing She will do to you. Accept silently when She announces 100 cane strikes.