Ms. Violet had to help me down the stairs - I was getting really wobbly by this time - confused about where I was, in quite some pain, lightheaded, and seemingly still more to come? This had to be a mind game - surely our time was up?

Ms. Violet put me in the car and watched as I buckled in. She handed me the gag and hood and watched as I put them on myself. We drove away in silence and I focused on the pain and tried to manage my breathing. I was oblivious to anything outside the car.

We stopped at yet another suburban house, She rung the doorbell, the door opened and we followed an attractive woman into a fairly small room full of mysterious apparatus and implements that were all new to me. I was introduced to Miss Chastity. I shook her hand. Ms Violet showed me to the bathroom and told me to remove all my clothes and wait until She came back to get me. Was She coming back or was I being left to the ministrations of another Mistress?

She came back. A sigh of relief. I was led into the room of mysterious equipment. Miss Chastity was telling me how lucky I was and what a rare treat awaited me. She was saying that but I'm not sure my mind was registering it. They helped me onto a table and into sitting position on a glistening black latex body bag. A first for me. Miss Chastity explained that this was going to be a sensory deprivation experience and again what a lucky sub I was. Miss Chastity put a latex hood on me but after all I'd been through so far I couldn't settle my breathing enough to wear it. Plan B was a similar hood but with very small nose and mouth breathing was easier but I could see nothing and only hear if someone was close by. They helped me slide the rest of the way into the body bag. I was now mentally lost and unsure if I could take much more pain. The body bag was zipped closed and straps tightened around my feet, ankles, thighs, belly and chest. I could breathe if I remained calm and not move much. I was incredibly scared but so exhausted I was drifting away.

Then it started. Slowly at first. I could feel strong fingers running over my body massaging me, digging into me, to my bruises especially. I started to get an erection and the fingers focused on my cock and balls and nipples. Oh no was this improper? Was I embarrassing Ms. Violet in front of Miss Chastity? Surely I was here for further punishment, but this was far from it. The massaging stopped and I waited in fear for the slash of the cane or the thud of a fist. What would that feel like through the thin latex? I had to fight to manage my breathing.

I heard a loud buzzing sound and then a vibrator touched my thighs and started working its way toward my cock. The erection just grew - how could this be - this was impossible - my whole body ached!

But the vibrator ran over my cock and my balls and I was fully erect now. A zipping sound and the vibrator was directly on my cock.

Miss Chastity was attaching something to my cock. It started as a tingling sensation but soon an electric charge was throbbing up and down my cock. I could hear Her saying to Ms. Violet that it would be feeling like the best hand job ever.

And then it happened - soft, wet inviting lips just touching the tip of my cock. And Ms. Violet speaking sensually to me through my mask. I was trapped in the bag but tried desperately to drive my hips upward and my cock into the rubber fleshlight hovering just above me. But Miss Chastity kept it just beyond my thrusts. All the while Ms. Violet had Her lips at my ear and was talking me through the whole interrogation. How They had restrained me, gagged me, hurt me, tried to drown me and peed on me.

And here I was screaming again and for the first time throughout this kidnapping where I'd suffered the canes, the tawse, evil sticks, metal cock rings, interrogation, water suffocation, nipple rings, punches, pinwheels, choking, restraints - throughout it all I'd never once begged. Not once. Ms Violet made me beg now. Made me scream out and beg for Her permission to cum.

She made me scream it over and over while Miss Chastity slid the soft sucking fleshlight up and down my shaft and the electricity pulsed through my balls. All there was left for me was my cock and Ms Violet's voice in my head.

I came and was exhausted and so, so tired. Ms Violet helped Miss Chastity to unzip me and let me sit quietly on the edge of the table. They helped me step down and Ms Violet walked me to the shower.

I think I thanked Miss Chastity and shook her hand.


Holding Ms. Violet's arm I walked unsteadily back to the car and climbed in. I was done gag, no hood...didn't matter I couldn't speak and couldn't focus. I had my eyes closed as we drove off. I made up my mind...if we stopped in front of another suburban house I was going to try and escape. Eventually Ms Violet pulled up in front of a small Sushi Restaurant and my whole body relaxed. She took my arm and guided me toward the door. I was wary of every car trunk we passed. But it was dinner...a light meal and plenty of fruit juice for me while Ms Violet enjoyed a cocktail. Not much chat - I was in a state of brain fuzz. We weren't there long when the waiter came over for last call - it was almost midnight and they would close soon. Midnight? This adventure had started at 4:00! Eight hours of non-stop perversion.

Ms Violet drove us to Her location and we slowly made our way to the bedroom. I was told to strip and She carefully examined all my marks...nipples, belly, cock, balls and thighs. I was allowed the great privilege of giving Her a foot massage. She told me I had been a brave boy and for that I got an extra pillow to take into Her cage where I fell asleep instantly.