Ms. Violet sat on a sofa beside Miss Ava. They looked comfortable and hugely satisfied. The room was softly lit with candles and on a coffee table in front of the sofa was a Tea Set with tea pot, two china cups and a large mug. Miss Ava asked me to check to see if the tea was steeped and to pour cups for herself and Ms. Violet. She graciously allowed me to have a mug of my own to keep me warm. I was starting to relax on my knees beside the coffee table. Deep breaths - it had been the most challenging session ever. A tough four hours but it was over and although I was bruised and battered and scared half to death, I had survived. The Mistresses were engaged in small talk and when Ms. Violet got up to explore the room, Miss Ava looked at me with Her big lovely eyes and said, “Good Luck with the rest of your adventure. I know what's coming and you're going to need it.”

I was more than a little disoriented  now. I had been sadistically interrogated, scared out of my mind, peed on, served tea to the Ladies, survived it all and then Miss Ava's comment? As we walked to the car, Ms. Violet indicated that I should climb into the passenger seat, and snapped on my seat belt. Ms. Violet leaned in to make sure the belt was properly fastened, shoved a gag in my mouth, pulled a cloth hood over my head and quickly duct taped my wrists together. No words spoken as we drove for many minutes. This was somehow more ominous than the trunk - what happened if someone looked over at a stoplight?

The car slowed and stopped. Ms. Violet got out and my door opened. Scissors cut the tape around my wrists, She peeled away the tape along with all the hair on my wrists, removed the hood and gag. Another set of stairs, another suburban house. Ms Violet rang the doorbell, turned to me and said I'm dropping you off for some further punishment and I'll come back for you later. I couldn't even grasp what She was saying. The door opened and we entered a very upscale foyer.

We were met by a lovely woman dressed in what I would call conservative office attire. Her name was Miss Bernadette. Ms. Violet introduced us, watched as we shook hands then without another word turned on Her heel and walked out the front door. Miss Bernadette pointed to a bathroom, told me to go in, strip off all my clothes and meet Her back in the foyer.

I removed all my clothes quickly and had a glance at myself in the mirror - bruises everywhere.

I opened the bathroom door and there was Miss Bernadette. She indicated I should follow Her and led me into a large formal room with several apparatus; a cross, a bondage table with an upholstered top and several other devices I was too frightened to look at. There was a huge range of BDSM type implements hanging on the walls around the room.

Miss Bernadette motioned for me to mount the bondage table and lie back, facing upwards. She explained that we didn't have much time but we would concentrate on quality not quantity. As She was speaking She shackled my ankles and wrists to the corners of the table. She showed me a cane and told me there would be no warm up and that She would focus on my tummy and my cock - then she brought the cane down. I thought I'd been cut in half. Another stroke and another. Then She walked slowly to the other side of the table and administered three more strokes. My belly was on fire. She put Her cool hand to rest on my belly for a moment.

Miss Bernadette was speaking to me in a matter of fact voice as She used her canes on my belly. She choose another cane, showed it to me and asked if I could tell the difference as She slashed me again from each side of the table. Again she put her cool hand on my belly to settle me down and let me catch my breath.

After another cane and more strokes She gently lifted my head and shoulders so I was resting on my elbows and offered me a sip of water. It was delightful. I wasn't sure but I thought I must have been screaming at each blow so I asked Her to gag me. She pushed a large ball gag in my mouth and tightened it securely.

She gently but firmly pushed me back down onto the table and more caning painful. She stopped then and showed me a terrible looking strap - long, two inches wide with an end that split into two tongues. She laid it on my belly slowly sliding it across the cane marks. She told me that my cane marks looked beautiful but this implement would cover them with wide red marks. Sadly Ms. Violet would never see them. I was sure this was some sort of head game devised by Ms. Violet until the strap flashed through the air. It hurt so much I was shaking violently. Miss Bernadette held my hand and gently squeezed but that did not stop Her hitting my belly over and over. She calmly walked around the table, laid the strap on me to perfect Her aim and struck.

Next she made me look at a short leather paddle and explained how much pain this would cause. She was rubbing it gently over my skin just above the pubic bone and She hit me there several times, taking my breath away.

She gazed into my eyes and said it was now time to punish my cock. I squeezed my eyes shut as I didn't want to see which cane or strap She would use. It must have been very thin as I could feel each stroke wrapping around and cutting into my cock. I was beyond coping.

Then it stopped, and Miss Bernadette ran Her hands over me and remarked on what a shame it was that Ms. Violet wouldn't get to see those initial cane marks now obliterated by the strap. She told me there wasn't much time left before Ms Violet would knock on the door to collect me. Just time enough for four more strikes from Her cane - the only time She counted. Two from each side. I was trying to suck air through the gag. She carefully removed the gag and untied my restraints. She helped me sit up and eased me gently from the table. Once I was standing She told me to quickly move to the bathroom and get dressed before the doorbell rang.

I was wobbly but moved as smartly as I could. Just as I finished dressing I could hear the door bell ring. As I opened the bathroom door Ms. Violet was there thanking Miss Bernadette for being part of the evening.

I reached out to shake Miss Bernadette's hand and thank Her. She said I was welcome and hoped I continued to enjoy the rest of my adventure.

I guess that comment didn't register at the time.