Last year left me with some beautiful and boundary-pushing sessions.

I reveled in sploshing sessions, expanded my medical fetish repertoire, fed human blood to hungry leeches, laughed hard at so many gang bangs, enacted a Harvey Weinstein role play on the eve of the #MeToo movement, planned and executed a stunning 8hr kidnapping scene, and so much more.

I’ve been meditating on what directions I’d like to extend and stretch into this year, and in no particular order, here are the ones I’m aching and vying to experience (and I’m sure that I will think of two or five more activities to add to the list):

  • Stretch my fuck toy’s ass until he can fit my fist

  • Simulated castration with suturing

  • Sissify one of my clients (he knows who he is)

  • 10 hour kidnapping scene

  • Attend a hot kink party in NYC

  • Gender-bending session (call me ‘Sir’)

  • MORE gang bangs

  • Find a client into puppy play, woof!

  • Use my industrial staple gun a few more times (Update: January was good to me!)

  • Go clothes shopping with my sub’s credit card

  • Full horizontal suspension in my leather body bag

  • Visit Dr. Jill at The Cellar in Antwerp

  • Mummification workshop with Mistress Chiaki in Tokyo

OK yes, these last two are ambitious but this year I’m aiming high!

I welcome YOUR kinky ideas and input on how to have fun and keep pushing the envelope for 2019.

*dispatches from Toronto