1. Read my website

I wrote it, so you’ll likely get to know a bit about my brain, and that will help you decide if I’m the ProDomme you’d like to see. But more importantly, you may have some questions about my services, about my approach to sexuality, or my expectations for you. You’ll find that a lot of your questions (if not all) are answered in the body of my site.

Tip: One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is what my rates are. My rates are on my site in plain view, which just illustrates to me that you didn’t do your homework. Bad boy!

2. Fill out the contact form on my website, or shoot me an email that includes everything covered in my contact form.

Tip: Your submission begins as soon as you contact me.

3. Follow up with your references, or if you don’t feel comfortable providing a reference, or simply don’t have one, then be prepared to send a $100 deposit via etransfer or PayPal. This gives me assurance that you are committed to your session, and then I can get excited about planning our session and meeting you.

Tip: Men who contact me (and the sex worker community writ large) without any intention of booking an appointment are referred to as “time wasters.” Don’t be a time waster.

Et Voila!

Once we agree on a date and time and the deposit has been received, you can sit back and enjoy the delicious anticipation that comes from knowing that we’ll be meeting quite soon.