Jack has been referred to Mistress Violet as one of the premier Registered Massage Therapists for athletic injuries in the GTA, and has made an appointment to get some work done. Upon arrival, Jack is greeted by Mistress Violet. After making introductions, he provides the payment and they take a moment to discuss his injury. Jack explains his right shoulder rotator cuff injury to Violet and expresses how thankful he is to get some relief with a deep tissue massage.  Violet assures Jack that she has many years’ experience in rotator cuff injuries and tells him that he is in great hands, and will be pleased at today’s results.

Violet then asks Jack to go to the bathroom and undress (completely naked) and return. Jack questions Violet about undressing completely seeing as his is a shoulder injury, so why would he have to completely undress? Violet assures him she is a professional and she must do a full assessment, however nothing to be alarmed about as she sees many patients in a day of both sexes. Jack asks if a gown is available or a towel to which Violet explains no, however once out of the bathroom he will be directed quickly to the massage table so, “nothing to worry about”.

Jack moves to the bathroom where he undresses and showers. He then returns to the therapy room, passing the kitchen area where Violet is now hiding, just outside of his peripheral vision. What Jack sees upon walking out into the main room, are Indian Vixen Asha Singh and Pearl Love Lee standing in the middle of the room, leaning up against the massage table.  Shocked and not knowing what to do, Jack says “What is this? I don’t understand, where is Violet?” Pearl and Vixen reply, “Today is the worst day you picked for a massage!” “Today is judgement day when every woman in the world takes retribution against all the asshole men in the world and now you get to pay the price!”

While this is happening, Mistress Violet slips out of the kitchen, and comes up behind Jack unbeknownst to him. Before Jack realizes what is happening, she grabs his arms and wrists from behind and handcuffs him. Violet says, “Like my friends say, today is the worst day for a massage.” Jack is forcible moved by Violet to a St. Andrews Cross where she uncuffs him and the three Mistress’ shackle him to the cross. Violet then explains to Jack what is going to happen: “with my friends today, you are going to suffer pain and pleasure however mostly pain.” With that the ladies show Jack a selection of riding crops, wartenberg wheel, and a shock probe.

Under the direction of Mistress Violet, Jack is subjected to ball slapping, cock slapping, electro shock and other various forms of CBT. When Jack has had enough, the session turns to pleasure. Jack is untied and bound to the massage table, where he is sweetly petted by both Vixen and Pearl. Violet then puts Jack through a urethra sounding session and when he is ready to cum, Violet and Vixen and Pearl will explain the best part is soon to happen…

Violet explains that the ladies are going to make him cum into glass, he is then going to have a cum-swapping session, then forced to swallow it.  Jack exclaims “no way, you can’t make me do that”. Violet grabs Jack by the mouth and says, “you don’t have a choice unless you want your balls slapped again. Now, do you want your balls slapped”? Jack begs, “no no.”

Vixen and Pearl jerk off Jack and make him cum into a glass.  Violet makes sure that Jack is watching by grabbing him by the hair and forcing him to look at what’s happening. Once Jack has shot his load into the glass, Vixen takes the glass of cum and puts it in her mouth for Jack to see, and then swirls his cum in her mouth. Violet says “that’s what I now want you to do, so get ready”. Violet holds Jack’s head so he can’t move and Vixen cum-swaps with Jack.  They make him play with his cum then spit it back into the glass. They then make sure he has a good look at it, then holding his head they pour it back in his mouth and make him swallow it.


Violet's note: Jack was a very good boy and swallowed it down in one go!