Wow where to begin?

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms Violet for some years now. It's important to know this because a scene of this depth and intensity requires a very definite level of trust.

About two months ago we had a discussion over dinner after a wonderful session. We both felt it was time to carry out an extended Kidnapping and Interrogation Scene. We decided on an appropriate budget and high level limits, although Ms Violet is well aware of both my physical and emotional capabilities. This kidnapping was designed to test them at the edge.

At that point Ms Violet took control of the design of the scene and I was left to live in anticipation and to fret about what I must endure to please Her. Occasionally Ms Violet would send an email explaining that the session was becoming more detailed and complete...

I want to let you know that EVERYTHING is ready. Please be prepared for the worst, for the funnest, for an adventure, for a trip, for familiarity, strangeness, disorientation, confusion, for sexy and for scary. Set your expectations accordingly. 

On the day and time specified, I met Ms Violet at her location. She was strangely distant and cool as she dictated the terms of the event and then, just as we were walking out the door She put headphones on me that were blasting techno pop so loudly I couldn't hear Her speak.

We walked out into the sunlight onto a busy street as She gripped my arm to guide me. As we passed between two cars parked on a side street, She popped the trunk and with some sudden help from an extra pair of hands She expertly rolled me inside. It was cold and completely dark. I heard doors slamming and a number of people getting into the vehicle. The engine started and off we went with me bouncing off protrusions in the trunk, trying to anticipate what might be waiting for me and scared witless about what would happen if we were involved in a fender bender.

After some time the car stopped and the trunk was opened. Ms Violet stood looking down at me then glanced surreptitiously from side to side before motioning for me to get out. She led me up a set of stairs to the front door of a very suburban house. She knocked, we entered. As the door closed someone reached out from behind me, grabbed the back of my neck and guided me down a flight of stairs to a rather grim and dark basement. Another door was opened and I was pushed into a unlit, cold, bare room - cinder block walls and cracked tiles on the floor. The only light came from flashlights held by Ms Violet and a second captor. There was a single straight back wooden chair in the middle of the room. All my clothes were quickly peeled from my body and headphones - which added to the level of fear - were removed. I was pushed onto the chair, expert hands tied my wrists behind me, and each leg was secured to the chair. As the flashlights played around the room I saw my second captor was Miss Ava Rose...a beautiful woman, sweet face, lovely giggly laugh and as sadistic as they come.

The interrogation began, gently at first, trying to discover my 'secret'...not so bad, a little punching in the chest and face slapping. I can handle this, I thought. But then a rubber hood was slipped over my head, drowning me in darkness and severely limiting my ability to breathe. Things got more difficult. Harder punches, severe nipple torture, long nails dragging deeply over my thighs, and then a device Miss Ava was using to dig into my thighs that was just excruciating. 

Then They started getting more serious... a rubber ligature around my cock and balls...a steel cock ring forced into place was manageable but there were screws threaded into it that tightened into my cock...why did this make me hard? The harder I got just increased the pain level and the pinwheel running over my balls made me scream. If the cock ring hurt going on it was worse coming off as Miss Ava didn't undo all the screws, she just pulled and twisted, and through my screams I could hear Miss Ava giggling. My captors decided they needed to take a break to relax leaving me tied to the chair, hooded, cold and scared.

I tried to escape. I wriggled one hand free and started to remove my hood when suddenly They came back. Not good for me. I was tied more securely and suffered another more dreadful round of torture.

They increased the intensity. Nipple clamps on a chain were slowly pulled upward until they snapped shut. Miss Ava's long sharp nails digging deep into my scrotum then holding both balls and ever so slowly pulling and twisting. One of Them, Ms Violet I think, started punching my chest harder and harder. And Miss Ava put me through the thigh torture again - so brutal. I was exhausted as my chest and thighs, cock and balls felt like they were on fire.

Finally They stopped hurting me and removed the hood. Only flashlights lit the cold bleak room. The tone had changed. Gentle hands stroked my chest and thighs and amazingly teased my cock. Soft voices asked why I was putting myself through this torture. It could all stop if I would just reveal my secret. I shook my head no. 

Miss Ava grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my head backward. Ms Violet jammed a clear plastic, spring loaded dental device in my mouth. It held my lips and teeth wide apart. Miss Ava stuck something metal in my mouth - a screwdriver - and dug it into my tongue. She grabbed the tip of my tongue pulled it out of my mouth and ran a pinwheel over it - I was gagging and saliva streamed down my chin onto my chest.

While Miss Ava held my head Ms Violet produced a knife and ran it threateningly across my chest, prodding my nipples, poking my balls and threatening permanent damage. 

Then Miss Ava spoke very clearly and crisply - I can hear it now in my head. 'Is it time for the soldering iron'. Shit, They wouldn't would They. It was plugged in and I could smell it getting hot. Ms Violet was kneeling between my legs holding it up for me to see. Holding it near my thigh for me to feel the heat. But my thigh was not the target - She held the tip of the iron millimetres from the tip of my cock. She explained how touching my cock would feel, the searing pain, the long lasting damage, the smell of burnt flesh. Miss Ava had her arm around my throat holding me still. She whispered in my ear that one flex of her bicep and I would be unable to breath, a second stronger flex would choke me to the point of involuntary spasms and with the iron that close, a spasm was a very serious threat. I was barely breathing looking down at the iron so close to my cock under the glare of the flashlight. The world stood still for a brief moment and both Mistresses decided to save the iron for another time (or another captive). 

Miss Ava released her grip and joined Ms Violet in front of me. Miss Ava grabbed my hard cock and held it steady. Ms Violet took out a short little evil stick then pulled it back and let it cut into the head of my cock. Everything up til now had been a scream, this time my belly released a howl as the carbon fiber cane made contact again and again.

I scream when I’m in pain. It’s cathartic. By the time They were done with me I was all cathartic-ed out. I could still hear the screams coming but by now they were involuntary, coming from somewhere deep inside of me.

They untied me and dragged me from the dark room through a dingy corridor to a tiny bathroom that has seen better days and perhaps some things better unseen. There was a toilet, a small sink facing a mirror and a squalid little shower enclosure.

Ms Violet had me by the hair while Miss Ava held my body. Ms Violet made me look in the mirror and I could see the bruises on my body and She kept asking what my secret was. She forced my head into the sink. It was full to overflowing and the freezing water took my breath away...I coughed it out and tried to push away from the sink. Just as I tried to suck in a gulp of air She pushed me under again and again and again. The only thing keeping me on my feet was Ms Violet’s firm grasp on my hair.

They basically threw me in the shower stall and I fell to my knees. I crouched on the floor, shivering with cold and fear, my mind reeling, my body beaten. There was more coming - Ms Violet and Miss Ava were rustling about. Leather boots were coming off. I could see twenty lovely toes starting to enter the stall. I was shivering so badly now I couldn’t imagine what else They had in mind. And then it happened; two streams of Mistress pee splashing over my head and back and legs, in the stall, on the floor, everywhere. I was warm.

Ms Violet pulled the curtain across and showed me the hot and cold water taps. A minute or two later Miss Ava came in to leave a towel and my clothes. She came back a minute later to ask me to hand back the ligature from my cock and balls.

As the warm water coursed over me I was taking deep breaths and so happy and proud that I had survived the ordeal. I got dressed slowly and though warm still shivering slightly. As I came out of the bathroom Ms Violet was waiting for me with a big smile and She led me upstairs to a warm and cozy living room.

To be continued…