Miss Violet had requested me to email her Monday 11am asking for my weekly slave task. i have only recently become Her owned sissy slut fuck boy, a position which i desperately wanted from our very first interaction, and which i now feel so fortunate to enjoy. The anticipation has been building all weekend, i emailed precisely on the hour, and my instructions arrived shortly thereafter:

"My pretty slave boy. Buy a pair of black 15 denier stockings today. Wear them all day at the office tomorrow. Send me photos to confirm."

my heart immediately begins to pound inside my chest. i can practically hear it. Her control over me was all of a sudden becoming very real. It was only last week that i was marking my body with the word "SLUT" in large red letters... and now tomorrow i am going to wear sheer stockings at work beneath my suit and tie. Is this seriously happening??  Still, there wasn’t a moments hesitation; i knew that i would follow the commands of my Mistress.

Within an hour of reading the email, i was walking up Bay Street to the mall and into Nordstroms. i decided to purchase Wolford stockings because i know that Miss Violet loves them. i was full of nerves. What would the saleswoman think? Will she see through my lies to the reckless slut that stands in front of her? What if a friend catches me buying the stockings? In sharp contrast to these fears, my cock stiffens from the excitement, revealing my true emotions.


The alarm goes off at 6am. i jump into the shower, put on my suit, and quickly head downstairs to discreetly ‘complete’ my outfit. i take off my pants and underwear and take the stockings out of my briefcase. Pointing my toes, i step one foot into the stockings and then the other, carefully pulling them up my legs. The stockings feel incredible against my skin. i take a few moments to enjoy myself, closing my eyes and rubbing my cock. i take a selfie and send to Miss Violet.

It’s a busy day, a number of meetings including lunch with a client. Once in the office, i find myself admiring the other women, taking notice of their stockings and sexy legs. Smiling to myself, enjoying my secret, they would have no idea of the obedient slut i was rapidly transforming into for my Mistress. As the morning goes on, i find myself craving to wear something even more daring beneath my clothes. Next time. 

At mid-day, the impulse becomes overwhelming and i sneak away to give myself a release in the washroom. With thoughts of Miss Violet’s growing control over me racing through my head, i cum hard into the crotch liner. In the excitement i have ripped the stockings. i pull myself together and head out for my lunch meeting with cum soaked and ripped nylons. This is what i’ve become. 

The last two weeks has pushed me into a submission that i had never imagined for myself... but i find Miss Violet’s dominant energy to be magnetic and dangerously addictive. i wonder the risks i will take and the depths of depravity that i am capable of succumbing to for Her pleasure and amusement.